Battle of Fort Sumter

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Battle of Fort Sumter.

1. Why is the Battle of Fort Sumter significant?
a. It was the final battle of the Civil War and caused the Confederate Army to surrender.
b. It was the largest battle of the Civil War where nearly 50,000 soldiers died.
c. It was the turning point for the North in the Civil War.
d. It was the first battle of the Civil War.
e. It was the battle where General Robert E. Lee defeated the Union army.

2. Where is Fort Sumter located?
a. In downtown Charleston, South Carolina.
b. Off the coast of North Carolina near Wilmington.
c. On top of Sumter Mountain.
d. Near Sumter, South Carolina just south of Charlotte, North Carolina.
e. On an island in Charleston Harbor.

3. Who was the lead commander for the North in the battle?
a. Ulysses S. Grant
b. Major Robert Anderson
c. Captain George Sumter
d. General William Charleston
e. Colonel Rosecrans

4. How many soldiers died during the battle?
a. Nearly 50,000
b. 2 million
c. None
d. 1,000
e. 87

5. After the battle, President Abraham Lincoln did the following:
a. Called for a 90 day army of 75,000 men, because he was sure it would be a short war.
b. Told his generals to surrender to the Confederate army.
c. Drew up plans for a long and drawn out civil war.
d. He did nothing, because he didn`t think it was a big deal.
e. He resigned as president because he didn`t want to be in charge during a civil war.

6. Who led the southern forces during the battle?
a. Robert E. Lee
b. P. T. Beauregard
c. General Longstreet
d. Major Anderson
e. Colonel Johnson

7. What was the outcome of the short battle?
a. The Northern forces surrendered after running out of supplies.
b. The Confederate army retreated after being repelled several times.
c. A northern supply ship made it through to the fort and the Northern forces held off until help could arrive.
d. Both sides made a truce and the North remained in control of the fort.
e. The southern forces bombarded the fort, killing all the soldiers inside.

8. What year did the Civil War begin?
a. 1860
b. 1871
c. 1865
d. 1776
e. 1861

9. What message did the southern general send to the leader of Fort Sumter before he attacked?
a. It said to surrender or they would attack immediately.
b. It asked for a truce, but then the general attacked anyway.
c. It said he would attack the fort in one hour if they did not surrender.
d. It requested a meeting with the leaders of both sides to see if they could negotiate a peace treaty.
e. It said prepare to die!

10. What actions did the state of Virginia take after the Battle of Fort Sumter?
a. West Virginia broke away from the state and sided with the North.
b. Virginia seceded and joined the southern Confederacy.
c. All of the above.
d. None of the above.

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