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Aztec Empire - Art.

1. What form of art did the Aztecs refer to as 'flower and song'?
a. Music
b. Sculpture
c. Pottery
d. Poetry
e. Feather-work

2. What did the eagle represent in Aztec art?
a. Warrior
b. Emperor
c. Sun God
d. Nature
e. Sky

3. How were poems recorded prior to the arrival of the Spanish?
a. They were written in hieroglyphics
b. They were painted onto art
c. They were passed down verbally from generation to generation
d. They were written down using the Aztec language
e. All of the above

4. What was the subject or focus of most Aztec art?
a. Nature
b. People
c. The gods
d. The city of Tenochtitlan
e. The emperor

5. True or False: Sculptures of Aztec men were generally shown with the men standing holding weapons.

6. Which of the following was a musical instrument used by the Aztecs?
a. Flutes
b. Shells
c. Whistles
d. Drums
e. All of the above

7. Who was allowed to wear feather-work items such as cloaks and headdresses?
a. Commoners
b. Nobility
c. Slaves
d. Artisans
e. Warriors

8. What did the Aztecs do every 52 years in a religious ceremony?
a. Paint a portrait of their family
b. Make a sculpture of the emperor
c. Destroy all of their household items
d. Have a poetry contest
e. Write down all the previous years poems

9. True or False: The Aztecs made beautiful pottery that was prized throughout the region.

10. What type of artisans were called amanteca?
a. Poets
b. Musicians
c. Sculptors
d. Potters
e. Feather workers

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