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Ancient Egypt - Art.

1. Most of Egyptian art was based on what subject?
a. People
b. Religion
c. Landscapes
d. Animals
e. Politics

2. The mask of Tutankhamen was made from 24 pounds of what valuable metal?
a. Iron
b. Silver
c. Platinum
d. Bronze
e. Gold

3. True or False: Egyptian art changed little over the course of the Egyptian civilization.

4. What can we learn about the Egyptians from their art?
a. What kind of clothes they wore
b. What kind of jobs they had
c. What they looked like
d. What they considered important
e. All of the above

5. Around how long did the Egyptian civilization last?
a. 100 years
b. 500 years
c. 1000 years
d. 3000 years
e. 10,000 years

6. The giant statues at Abu Simbel were of what pharaoh?
a. Cleopatra VII
b. Ramses II
c. Ahmose I
d. Hatshepsut
e. Amenhotep

7. What is a sculpture that is part of a wall or structure called?
a. Statue
b. Carving
c. Relief
d. Figurine
e. Bust

8. Why are so many Ancient Egyptian paintings preserved after thousands of years?
a. Because they were covered with a protective layer of plastic
b. Because of the special paint the Egyptians used
c. Because of the dry climate in Egypt
d. All of the above
e. None of the above

9. True or False: Tomb walls were left blank as paintings were considered bad luck in the afterlife.

10. What happened to most of the art that was hidden in Egyptian tombs?
a. It was stolen by thieves
b. It was destroyed by the humid weather
c. It is likely still hidden and may someday be found
d. It was found by archeologists
e. It was removed by the relatives of the dead

About this quiz: All the questions on this quiz are based on information that can be found on the Ancient Egypt - Art page at /history/art/ancient_egyptian_art.php.

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