Timeline of Ancient Rome

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Timeline of Ancient Rome.

1. Around what year was the city of Rome founded?
a. 2023 BC
b. 1202 BC
c. 753 BC
d. 58 BC
e. 467 AD

2. What were the names of the twins that legend says founded Rome?
a. Romulus and Remus
b. Caesar and Julius
c. Augustus and Marius
d. Cicero and Sulla
e. Constantine and Spartacus

3. When Julius Caesar seized control of Rome and made himself dictator, what famous Roman government came to an end?
a. The Empire
b. The Republic
c. The Monarchy
d. The Democratic
e. The Legion

4. What happened in 44 BC just a year after Julius Caesar was made dictator of Rome?
a. Caesar Augustus took power as emperor
b. The slaves revolted under the leadership of Spartacus and killed Caesar
c. The empire was split in two
d. Rome was sacked by barbarians for the first time
e. Julius Caesar was assassinated by Marcus Brutus

5. What Emperor of Rome is said to have played the lyre and watched as Rome burned?
a. Julius Caesar
b. Nero
c. Caesar Augustus
d. Constantine
e. Sulla

6. What huge Roman construction that could seat 50,000 people was finished in 80 AD?
a. The Trajan Bridge
b. The Circus Maximus
c. The Pantheon
d. The Colosseum
e. The Appian Way

7. Who became the first emperor of Rome in the year 27 BC?
a. Caesar Augustus
b. Theodosius
c. Julius Caesar
d. Titus
e. Tiberius

8. Around what year did the Eastern Roman Empire fall to the Ottomans?
a. 543 BC
b. 27 BC
c. 467 AD
d. 1212 AD
e. 1453 AD

9. What new era did the fall of the Western Roman Empire signal for Europe?
a. The Modern Ages
b. The Renaissance
c. The Dark Ages
d. The Viking Ages
e. The Industrial Age

10. Who became Roman Emperor in 306 AD and then converted to Christianity?
a. Caesar Augustus
b. Constantine
c. Tiberius
d. Titus
e. Theodosius

About this quiz: All the questions on this quiz are based on information that can be found on the Timeline of Ancient Rome page at /history/ancient_rome_timeline.php.

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