The Roman Republic

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The Roman Republic.

1. What was the highest position in the government of the Roman Republic?
a. Senator
b. Aedile
c. Governor
d. Consul
e. Censor

2. What were the job responsibilities of the Roman aediles?
a. They ruled foreign provinces and collected taxes for the Senate
b. They represented the Assembly and could veto laws
c. They were in charge of public works and festivals
d. They counted the citizens and collected taxes
e. They were the guards for the leaders of the republic

3. How long were Roman Senators elected for?
a. 1 year
b. 2 years
c. 4 years
d. 6 years
e. For life

4. True or False: The Roman Republic had a detailed written constitution that protected the rights and freedoms of all the citizens of Rome.

5. Which of the following people typically held the most power in the Roman Republic?
a. Wealthy men
b. Wealthy women
c. Poor men
d. Poor women
e. Everyone was treated equally

6. About how long did the Roman Republic last?
a. 50 years
b. 100 years
c. 300 years
d. 500 years
e. 2000 years

7. What type of current modern government is most similar to the Roman Republic?
a. Communism
b. Monarchy
c. Democracy
d. Dictatorship
e. Fascism

8. How many consuls were elected and for how long did they serve?
a. 2 consuls for 1 year
b. 2 consuls for 2 years
c. 4 consuls for 1 year
d. 4 consuls for 2 years
e. 2 consuls for life

9. What role did the tribunes play in the Roman Republic?
a. They were the top leaders in the land
b. They wrote the laws and advised the consuls
c. They were the representatives of the plebeian council and the common people
d. They were in charge of public works
e. They kept the peace in foreign provinces and collected taxes

10. What was the name of the group of leaders who advised and guided the consuls?
a. Tribunes
b. Senators
c. Censors
d. Aediles
e. Plebeians

About this quiz: All the questions on this quiz are based on information that can be found on the The Roman Republic page at /history/ancient_rome_republic.php.

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