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Ancient Rome.

1. What country is Rome the capital of today?
a. France
b. Italy
c. Germany
d. Greece
e. Spain

2. What made the Roman Republic different from the monarchies that ruled many European lands?
a. One was ruled by a king, the other an emperor
b. The leaders inherited positions of power from their parents
c. The republic was much weaker than a monarchy
d. The leaders were elected by the people
e. There was no difference, just the name was different

3. What type of government do many countries have today that is modeled off of the Roman Republic?
a. Democracy
b. Communism
c. Fascism
d. Dictatorship
e. Monarchy

4. What leader became the dictator of Rome and put an end to the Roman Republic?
a. Nero
b. Cicero
c. Caesar Augustus
d. Gaius Marius
e. Julius Caesar

5. About how long did the Roman Republic rule Rome?
a. 10 years
b. 80 years
c. 150 years
d. 450 years
e. 2000 years

6. What was Caesar Augustus famous for?
a. Killing Julius Caesar
b. Conquering the Eastern Roman Empire
c. Becoming the first emperor of Rome
d. He was the last emperor of the Western Roman Empire
e. He was a famous Roman playwright

7. What was another name for the Eastern Roman Empire?
a. Byzantine Empire
b. The Roman Republic
c. The Persian Empire
d. The Tartar Empire
e. The Hun Empire

8. Around what year did the Western Roman Empire fall?
a. 412 BC
b. 55 BC
c. 476 AD
d. 902 AD
e. 1546 AD

9. What two languages did many Romans speak?
a. English and Italian
b. Latin and Spanish
c. English and Spanish
d. Italian and French
e. Latin and Greek

10. What was the highest position in the Roman Republic?
a. Emperor
b. Consul
c. Senator
d. Tribune
e. Aedile

About this quiz: All the questions on this quiz are based on information that can be found on the Ancient Rome page at /history/ancient_rome.php.

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