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Ancient Roman Army.

1. The main division of the Roman army was around 5400 soldiers. What was this division called?
a. Troop
b. Brigade
c. Regiment
d. Platoon
e. Legion

2. What were auxiliaries in the Roman army?
a. This was a smaller group of 80 men in the legion
b. They were the officers who led the soldiers
c. They were soldiers who were not Roman citizens
d. They were the non-soldiers such as cooks and medics
e. They were soldiers stationed inside the city of Rome

3. What was the armor that the Roman soldiers wore made of?
a. Bones from oxen
b. Bronze
c. Strips of iron
d. Toughened leather
e. Hardened steel

4. What type of weapon was the Roman gladius?
a. A type of sword
b. A spear that could be thrown
c. A long pole that was used from horseback
d. A small knife or dagger
e. A type of bow used with arrows

5. What were two units of Roman soldiers that were smaller than the legion called?
a. Regiment and Platoon
b. Cohort and century
c. Legate and consul
d. Troop and brigade
e. Squad and section

6. What was a Roman centurion?
a. A very old officer who was retired
b. The leader of a legion of men
c. A Roman soldier who was not a citizen
d. An army officer in charge of a century of men
e. A special type of soldier with expertise in engineering

7. About how many men were there in a Roman century?
a. 10
b. 25
c. 50
d. 80
e. 100

8. True or false: Roman soldiers were generally well-rewarded for their service in the army after they retired.

9. What great Roman general is generally credited with building the Roman army into a powerful and organized world power?
a. Julius Caesar
b. Trajan
c. Lucius Sulla
d. Augustus
e. Gaius Marius

10. What work of Roman civil engineering was important in allowing the Roman army to protect such a large empire?
a. Miles of Aqueducts leading into Rome
b. The arch
c. A paved network of Roads
d. The Pantheon
e. The Colosseum

About this quiz: All the questions on this quiz are based on information that can be found on the Ancient Roman Army page at /history/ancient_rome_army_legions.php.

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