Romulus and Remus

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Questions on this quiz are based on information from
Romulus and Remus.

1. What are Romulus and Remus most famous for?
a. Rescuing Helen of Troy
b. Killing the monster Medusa
c. Starting the Olympics
d. Founding the city of Rome
e. Being kings of the Underworld

2. Who first cared for the boys when they were abandoned?
a. A she-wolf
b. A forest nymph
c. A giant goat
d. The goddess Venus
e. A pack of llamas

3. What did Romulus and Remus first disagree on?
a. Whether to found a new city or stay at the old one
b. If they should kill the king or not
c. How to get their revenge
d. What hill to found the city of Rome on
e. Who was the strongest

4. What hill did Romulus want to found the city on?
a. Aventine Hill
b. Palatine Hill
c. Capitoline Hill
d. Esquiline Hill
e. Caelian Hill

5. How did Remus die?
a. He fell down when trying to climb a high wall
b. He was attacked by wild vultures
c. Romulus killed him when Remus made fun of his wall
d. He got sick from eating too many olives
e. In a battle with a fearsome monster

6. Who was the father of the twins?
a. Mars
b. Jupiter
c. Julius Caesar
d. Vulcan
e. Apollo

7. When was the city of Rome founded?
a. 1200 BC
b. 1012 BC
c. 811 BC
d. 753 BC
e. 412 BC

8. How did Rome get its name?
a. It was named after the shepherd who raised the boys
b. From the god of construction
c. It came to Romulus in a whirlwind
d. Jupiter named the city
e. Romulus named the city after himself

9. Where did the king abandon the boys?
a. He sold them into slavery
b. In the desert
c. In a basket on the Tiber River
d. On the steps of a temple
e. At the top of Palatine Hill

10. Who is considered to be the first king of Rome?
a. Romulus
b. Caesar
c. Augustus
d. Constantine
e. Remus

About this quiz: All the questions on this quiz are based on information that can be found on the Romulus and Remus page at /history/ancient_rome/romulus_and_remus.php.

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