Roman Empire in England

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Roman Empire in England.

1. Who led the first Roman invasion of the island of Britain?
a. Augustus
b. Julius Caesar
c. Gaius Marius
d. Pompey the Great
e. Claudius

2. What was the Roman interest in Britain after Julius Caesar successfully invaded the land the second time?
a. The local kings agreed to pay Rome tribute
b. Caesar was considered emperor of Britain
c. The entire island was conquered and became a Roman province
d. Caesar left gaining nothing for Rome
e. Rome took the entire population into slavery and moved them to mainland Europe

3. How long did it take for Rome to conquer the southern region of Britain?
a. 7 days
b. 38 days
c. 1 year
d. 3 years
e. 30 years

4. Who decided that Rome should conquer Britain and make it part of the Roman Empire?
a. Julius Caesar
b. Pompey the Great
c. Augustus
d. Emperor Trajan
e. Emperor Claudius

5. What year did Rome begin its final conquest of Britain?
a. 50 BC
b. 3 AD
c. 43 AD
d. 70 AD
e. 117 AD

6. What was the name of the wall that was built all the way across Britain?
a. The Wall of Caesar
b. Hadrian`s Wall
c. The Great Wall of Britain
d. The Mighty Barrier
e. The Barbarian Defender

7. Why did Rome leave Britain?
a. It was too cold and rainy
b. They were not making any money by having it as a part of the empire
c. They were scared that the Vikings would attack
d. They needed their armies to defend against barbarians attacking the city of Rome
e. The fact that it was an island made it too difficult to control

8. What did Rome leave as a lasting legacy on the culture of Britain?
a. The Julian calendar
b. Roman laws and government
c. Buildings such as baths and temples
d. Roman roads
e. All of the above

9. True or False: The city of Londinium, which would later become London, was an important center of trade during the Roman Empire.

10. About how long was the Roman Empire in control of much of Britain?
a. 10 years
b. 40 years
c. 90 years
d. 400 years
e. 1000 years

About this quiz: All the questions on this quiz are based on information that can be found on the Roman Empire in England page at /history/ancient_rome/rome_in_england.php.

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