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Ancient Rome - Law.

1. What Roman official enforced the laws of the Roman government?
a. Consul
b. Senator
c. Praetor
d. Tribune
e. Censor

2. What Roman police force dealt with petty crimes and runaway slaves?
a. Consuls
b. Tribunes
c. Praetorian guard
d. Vigiles
e. Roman legion

3. What early Roman laws were written on stone tablets for everyone to see in 450 BC?
a. The Roman Constitution
b. Law of the Twelve Tables
c. The Roman Bill of Rights
d. The Law of the Plebeians
e. The Tribune

4. Who did the protections and rights of the Roman law apply to?
a. Roman citizens
b. Roman slaves
c. Barbarians
d. Foreigners living in Rome
e. All of the above

5. Which of the following is true about how Roman laws were made?
a. All new laws were made by the Roman Senate
b. The emperor had little power and could not make new laws
c. Laws were voted on by citizen members of the Roman Assemblies
d. The Romans had no laws because they were peaceful and honest

6. Which of the following was not a typical punishment for committing a crime in Ancient Rome?
a. Beating
b. Fines
c. Exile from Rome
d. Death
e. Imprisonment

7. True or False: The punishment for committing a crime in Rome depended as much on your social status as the crime committed.

8. What aspect of Roman law is still used today in modern government?
a. Checks and balances
b. Vetoes
c. Term limits
d. Regular elections
e. All of the above

9. What Roman emperor had the laws of Rome written down and organized?
a. Julius Caesar
b. Augustus
c. Justinian
d. Nero
e. Trajan

10. True or False: All Roman citizens were treated exactly the same under the law.

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