Ancient Rome - Plebeians and Patricians

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Ancient Rome - Plebeians and Patricians.

1. To what group did the wealthy upper class of Ancient Rome belong to?
a. Plebeians
b. Patricians
c. All of the above
d. None of the above

2. Who were included in the plebeians?
a. Anyone not a Patrician
b. The common people of Rome
c. Farmers
d. Craftsmen, laborers, and soldiers
e. All of the above

3. How did you become a patrician in Ancient Rome?
a. By making a lot of money
b. By being born into a patrician family
c. By doing good in the community
d. By getting elected to public office
e. By paying dues and joining the patrician club

4. What early laws protected the basic rights of all Roman citizens regardless of class?
a. Bill of Rights
b. Magna Carta
c. Roman Constitution
d. Law of the Twelve Tables
e. Code of Caesar

5. True or False: In the latter stages of the Roman Empire there were few legal differences between the plebeians and the patricians.

6. How did the plebeians revolt against the patricians in early Rome?
a. They left the city
b. They refused to work
c. They refused to fight in battle
d. All of the above
e. None of the above

7. Which of the following is true about the rights of plebeians in early Rome?
a. They could hold public office
b. They could not marry a patrician
c. They could own land
d. They could become generals in the army
e. They could be priests in the temples

8. What were the public officials elected by the plebeians called?
a. Consuls
b. Senators
c. Tribunes
d. Censors
e. Aediles

9. What was the lowest social class in Ancient Rome?
a. Patricians
b. Plebeians
c. Slaves

10. What famous Roman Senator was a plebeian?
a. Julius Caesar
b. Cornelius
c. Claudius
d. Cicero
e. Fabius

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