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Ancient Rome - Family Life.

1. Who else did the Roman 'familia' include besides the parents and children?
a. Household servants
b. Household slaves
c. Household clients
d. Household freedmen
e. All of the above

2. What was the Roman name for the father or legal head of the family?
a. Padre
b. Godfather
c. Paterfamilias
d. Senator
e. Consul

3. What was a 'gens' in Ancient Rome?
a. The leader of the household
b. A large group of families that shared the same ancestor
c. The oldest son in a Roman family
d. The name for the eldest daughter
e. The people in the familia who were not related

4. What group of families were the most powerful and had the highest status in Roman society?
a. Familias
b. Freedmen
c. Plebeians
d. Patricians
e. Servus

5. True or False: The Romans never divorced as marriage was sacred and the bond could not be broken.

6. What happened to a baby if the father did not accept it and pick it up?
a. It would be left outside to die of exposure
b. It would be treated normally
c. It would become one of the family's slaves
d. All of the above
e. None of the above

7. What was the mother called in a Roman family?
a. Madre
b. Mama
c. Materfamilias
d. Missus
e. Nothing, she had no title

8. What name was given to the power of the father in the Roman family?
a. Gens
b. Patrician
c. Familia
d. Potestas
e. Pater

9. True or False: Slaves were considered part of the Roman family?

10. Why would some families adopt an adult male?
a. To help around the house
b. To fight in war for the family
c. To provide an heir for the family
d. To help lift heavy stuff
e. To mow the lawn

About this quiz: All the questions on this quiz are based on information that can be found on the Ancient Rome - Family Life page at /history/ancient_rome/family_life.php.

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