Ancient Rome - Early History

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Ancient Rome - Early History.

1. Who were Romulus and Remus?
a. Poets who wrote about early Rome
b. The two hills that early Rome was built on
c. Mythological twins who founded the city of Rome
d. The first two Consuls of the Roman Republic
e. Roman historians

2. Upon what hill was the first settlement of Rome likely founded?
a. Romulus Hill
b. Capitoline Hill
c. Esquiline Hill
d. Palatine Hill
e. Aventine Hill

3. According to Roman mythology, who was the first King of Rome?
a. Julius Caesar
b. Romulus
c. Virgil
d. Remus
e. Tarquin

4. Around what year do historians think that Rome was founded?
a. 500 AD
b. 50 BC
c. 100 BC
d. 300 BC
e. 1000 BC

5. According to Roman tradition, where does the name for Rome come from?
a. The Roman legion
b. Romantine Hill
c. The founder Romulus
d. The Mountains of Roma
e. The Latin word for hills

6. What caused the Romans to form the Roman Republic?
a. They decided that democracy didn't work
b. They revolted against a cruel and violent king
c. A great volcano destroyed the city
d. The king was killed in battle and didn't have any heirs
e. None of the above

7. Who ruled Rome before the Roman Republic was formed?
a. Kings
b. Tyrants
c. Dictators
d. Consuls
e. Senators

8. How many senators were there by the founding of the Roman Republic?
a. 50
b. 100
c. 300
d. 800
e. 1500

9. What group served as advisors to the King of Rome?
a. House
b. Parliament
c. Congress
d. Senate
e. No one, there was no King of Rome

10. Who ruled Rome during the Roman Republic?
a. Kings
b. Tyrants
c. Dictators
d. Emperors
e. Consuls

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