Roman Wars and Battles

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Roman Wars and Battles.

1. What major city did Rome fight against in the Punic Wars?
a. Alexandria
b. Sparta
c. Athens
d. Carthage
e. Tripoli

2. In what war did Hannibal cross the Alps and attack northern Italy?
a. The Second Punic War
b. The Macedonian War
c. The Roman Civil War
d. The First Punic War
e. The Servile War

3. Who was the leader of the rebelling gladiators and slaves in the Third Servile War?
a. Hannibal
b. Julius Caesar
c. Marcus Agrippa
d. Spartacus
e. Pompey

4. What was the result of the Battle of Actium?
a. Rome became the dominant world power after defeating Macedonia
b. Hannibal was finally defeated by the Roman legions
c. The forces of Octavian defeated Marc Antony and Octavian became Emperor of Rome
d. The city of Carthage was ransacked and burned to the ground
e. The slaves who revolted against Rome were defeated

5. What Roman general did Julius Caesar defeat in the Roman Civil War?
a. Scipio Africanus
b. Pompey the Great
c. Marcus Agrippa
d. Gaius Marius
e. Marc Antony

6. What did it mean when Julius Caesar and his army crossed the Rubicon River?
a. It meant that he was surrendering his forces to Rome
b. It meant that he was going to burn Rome to the ground
c. It meant that he had finally defeated Hannibal and the Carthage army
d. It meant that he had achieved victory and was coming home in peace
e. It meant that he was attacking the city of Rome and there was no turning back

7. What was the significance of Julius Caesar winning the Roman civil war?
a. It signaled the end of the Roman Republic
b. It made Rome a dominant world power
c. It meant that Caesar would be the first Emperor of Rome
d. It was the last of the slave revolts
e. It was the end of the city of Carthage

8. What large animal did Hannibal bring with him when he crossed the Alps?
a. Giraffe
b. Hippo
c. Elephant
d. Polar bear
e. Rhino

9. For what war did Rome build up a navy of over 100 warships in order to defeat Carthage?
a. The First Punic War
b. The Second Punic War
c. The Third Punic War
d. The Battle of Actium
e. The Macedonian War

10. Who did Marc Antony ally with in his fight against Octavian?
a. Philip V of Macedon
b. Hannibal of Carthage
c. Marcus Agrippa of Rome
d. Egyptian Pharaoh Cleopatra VII
e. Pompey the Great

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