Ancient Roman Gods and Goddesses

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Ancient Roman Gods and Goddesses.

1. What civilization did the Romans borrow many of their gods such as Jupiter from?
a. Chinese
b. Greek
c. Egyptian
d. Persian
e. Britain

2. Who were the twins that Roman legend says founded the city of Rome?
a. Diana and Apollo
b. Cain and Abel
c. Caesar and Cicero
d. Romulus and Remus
e. Spartacus and Flamma

3. Who did the Imperial Cult worship?
a. The Emperors of Rome
b. The Greek gods
c. Romulus and Remus
d. The Gladiators
e. The Roman legion

4. What Roman god was king of the gods and taken from the Greek god Zeus?
a. Apollo
b. Minerva
c. Juno
d. Mars
e. Jupiter

5. From what Roman god of fire do we get the word volcano?
a. Ceres
b. Jupiter
c. Vulcan
d. Minerva
e. Mercury

6. What was Minerva goddess of?
a. War
b. Agriculture
c. The hunt and animals
d. Wisdom
e. Wine and the theatre

7. Who was the Roman god of War?
a. Ares
b. Mars
c. Jupiter
d. Mercury
e. Juno

8. What typically happened to Christians in Rome before the Emperor Constantine was converted to Christianity?
a. They were well thought of
b. They were not liked, but were tolerated
c. They were persecuted and killed
d. All of the above
e. None of the above

9. What temple was generally considered the most important in Rome?
a. The Temple of Jupiter
b. The Temple of Diana
c. The Temple of Augustus
d. The Temple of Mars
e. The Temple of Romulus

10. What Roman god carried a giant trident and was god of the sea?
a. Jupiter
b. Bacchus
c. Vulcan
d. Mars
e. Neptune

About this quiz: All the questions on this quiz are based on information that can be found on the Ancient Roman Gods and Goddesses page at /history/ancient_roman_gods_mythology.php.

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