Ancient Greek Philosophers

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Ancient Greek Philosophers.

1. What was the Socratic Method?
a. Something that Socrates came up
b. A way of studying issues and problems
c. A question and answer technique
d. All of the above
e. None of the above

2. How do we know about Socrates and what his philosophies were?
a. By reading the many books he wrote
b. By studying the writings of Plato which recorded many of Socrates ideas
c. By reading the histories of Athens
d. By studying the paintings of Socrates
e. We can only guess

3. What was the Republic by Plato about?
a. It described an ideal society and government
b. It described war in Ancient Greece
c. It was a history of the world
d. It told the story of the Greek heroes
e. It described the Greek gods powers and symbols

4. Who did Plato think would be the best ruler for society?
a. A strong woman
b. A warrior-king
c. A group of the wealthy
d. An elected president
e. A philosopher-king

5. True or False: The Greek philosophers had no interest in the real world such as science or politics.

6. What famous leader did Aristotle tutor?
a. Philip of Macedonia
b. Pericles
c. Alexander the Great
d. Julius Caesar
e. Draco

7. What famous philosopher taught Aristotle?
a. Socrates
b. Epicurus
c. Zeno
d. Plato
e. Pythagoras

8. What was the name of the famous school that Plato opened?
a. The Academy
b. The University
c. The Institute
d. The College
e. The Lyceum

9. What was the basis of the philosophy of stoicism?
a. That the world around you could be changed to make you happy
b. That science could explain everything
c. That mathematics was the key to understanding the universe
d. That we should ignore the gods and focus on being happy
e. That happiness was achieved by accepting whatever happened whether good or bad

10. What philosopher believed that the gods had no interest in humans?
a. Pythagoras
b. Plato
c. Epicurus
d. Zeno
e. Socrates

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