Ancient Greek Mythology

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Ancient Greek Mythology.

1. Who was the leader of the Greek gods?
a. Zeus
b. Hera
c. Apollo
d. Athena
e. Hades

2. What two gods were twin brother and sister?
a. Zeus and Hera
b. Athena and Ares
c. Aphrodite and Hades
d. Apollo and Artemis
e. Demeter and Poseidon

3. Who were the Titans?
a. The first Greek gods
b. The parents of the Zeus
c. Twelve gods that were overthrown by the Olympians
d. All of the above
e. None of the above

4. Which of the descriptions below best describes the goddess Aphrodite?
a. Goddess of wisdom and war who was the patron god of Athens
b. Goddess of love and beauty who was married to Hephaestus
c. Goddess of agriculture whose symbol was the pig
d. Goddess of family and marriage who was queen of the gods
e. Goddess of the hunt whose symbol was the bow and arrow

5. What powerful god lived in the Underworld rather than on Mount Olympus?
a. Athena
b. Demeter
c. Hades
d. Hephaestus
e. Poseidon

6. What Greek hero from Homer`s epic poem the Iliad, was invulnerable except for his heel?
a. Odysseus
b. Achilles
c. Jason
d. Perseus
e. Hercules

7. Which description below best describes the god Poseidon?
a. God of wine and celebrating, he was the youngest of the Olympians
b. God or archery and music, his symbol was the bow and arrow
c. God of commerce and thieves, he was the messenger to the rest of the gods
d. God of war, his symbols were the spear and shield
e. God of the ocean and horses, his symbol was a trident

8. What Greek hero was a son of Zeus and was required to perform many labors for the gods?
a. Odysseus
b. Achilles
c. Hercules
d. Jason
e. Perseus

9. What married brother and sister were king and queen of the Olympian gods?
a. Ares and Artemis
b. Aphrodite and Hephaestus
c. Artemis and Apollo
d. Zeus and Hera
e. Dionysus and Demeter

10. Who was the patron god of theatre and art?
a. Dionysus
b. Demeter
c. Artemis
d. Hera
e. Athena

About this quiz: All the questions on this quiz are based on information that can be found on the Ancient Greek Mythology page at /history/ancient_greek_mythology.php.

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