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Ancient Greek Government.

1. Most of Ancient Greece was divided into these types of political regions:
a. Countries
b. Provinces
c. Tribes
d. City-states
e. Principalities

2. Where was the government of democracy first conceived of and introduced?
a. Rome
b. Athens
c. Sparta
d. Olympia
e. Corinth

3. How were most of the officials chosen in the Greek democracy?
a. They were voted on by the people
b. The king picked all the officials
c. The people who paid the most taxes became the officials
d. The highest ranking men in the army became the officials
e. They were chosen from all the citizens by lottery

4. In Athens, only the citizens could vote. Who qualified as a citizen?
a. Anyone who lived in Athens for over one year
b. Men who had completed their military training
c. Men who were born in the city of Athens
d. Anyone who professed their loyalty to Athens
e. All men and women over the age of 13

5. What type of government did the city-states of Greece have?
a. Monarchy
b. Oligarchy
c. Democracy
d. All of the above
e. None of the above

6. Which body of the Greek government included all the citizens who showed up to vote?
a. The Assembly
b. The Court
c. The Senate
d. The Councils
e. The Tribunes

7. For public lawsuits in the Greek democracy, how many people sat on the jury?
a. 7
b. 12
c. 51
d. 201
e. 501

8. When a city-state was ruled by a single person, like a king, what did they call the leader?
a. Dictator
b. Emperor
c. Tsar
d. Tyrant
e. Monarch

9. What body of Greek democracy handled the day to day running of the government?
a. The Ministers
b. The Courts
c. The Council
d. The Assembly
e. The Civil Service

10. What were the two largest city-states in Ancient Greece who fought many battles between each other?
a. Corinth and Athens
b. Athens and Sparta
c. Sparta and Thebes
d. Thebes and Olympia
e. Olympia and Corinth

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