Athens in Ancient Greece

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Athens in Ancient Greece.

1. What form of government was first introduced in the city-state of Athens?
a. Monarchy
b. Oligarchy
c. Democracy
d. Communism
e. Fascism

2. Who was the patron god or goddess of the city of Athens?
a. Zeus
b. Athena
c. Hera
d. Demeter
e. Ares

3. What was the original purpose of the Acropolis?
a. As a center for the Greek government
b. As a place to worship the gods
c. As a place to watch theatre
d. As a fortress for the people of the city to retreat to when attacked
e. As a center of commerce and trade

4. What was the name of the place that was the center of commerce and government in Athens?
a. The Agora
b. The Strategeion
c. The Parthenon
d. The Acropolis
e. The Theatre

5. Who was the leader of Athens during its golden age as the center of the Ancient Greek civilization?
a. Alexander the Great
b. Odysseus
c. Pericles
d. Homer
e. Plato

6. What building, located at the center of the Acropolis, was dedicated to the goddess Athena?
a. The Theatre
b. The Agora
c. The Erchtheum
d. The Arrephorion
e. The Parthenon

7. About how far back do historians have recorded history about the city of Athens?
a. 1000 years
b. 2500 years
c. 3400 years
d. 6000 years
e. 10,000 years

8. What Greek god, and patron of the theatre, was the largest theatre on the slopes of the Acropolis named after?
a. Athena
b. Dionysus
c. Zeus
d. Apollo
e. Hermes

9. Where was the Acropolis located?
a. North of the city of Athens on top of mount Olympus
b. Just outside the city walls
c. On a hill at the center of the city
d. Between Athens and Sparta
e. In a valley on the south side of the city

10. Which of the statements below best describes the Age of Pericles?
a. A time when Athens was under the power of the Tyrants
b. A time when Sparta ruled over Athens
c. A time when Athens was poor and weak
d. A time when art and democracy flourished
e. A time before democracy and the theatre came to Athens

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