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1. What was the city-state of Sparta known for?
a. Its extravagant theatre and famous playwrights
b. Its experiments in different kinds of government including democracy
c. The freedom and rights of all the peoples living in the Sparta region
d. Its highly trained army and fierce soldiers
e. Philosophers, artists, and poets such as Pindar and Socrates

2. Who were the helots who lived in the region controlled by Sparta?
a. They were specially trained soldiers who fought with spears and shields
b. They were slaves who worked the land for the Spartans
c. They were the top level of Spartan society and held the top government offices
d. They were female warriors who used bows and arrows
e. They were a class of craftsmen who were experts in metalwork

3. What was the name of the school that all male Spartan citizens attended as boys?
a. Agoge
b. Xiphos
c. Academy
d. Aegis
e. University

4. Who did the Spartans fight at the Battle of Thermopylae?
a. Athens
b. Thebes
c. Corinth
d. Rome
e. Persia

5. What was the biggest shame that a Spartan soldier could experience in battle?
a. To have his spear broken on an enemy
b. To cry out in pain
c. To lose his shield
d. To die before killing an enemy
e. To lose his helmet

6. What was the name of the battle formation that the Spartan soldiers used?
a. Phalanx
b. Aspis
c. Calvary
d. Regiment
e. Pincer

7. What was the general requirement to being a Spartan citizen?
a. Anyone that lived in the area controlled by Sparta was considered a citizen
b. People that could trace their ancestry back to the original settlers of Sparta
c. People that swore an oath to Sparta and agreed to fight for the city
d. Anyone who could pay a fee or was born to Spartan citizens
e. Only the very rich and powerful could be called Spartan citizens

8. True or False: Women were considered unimportant in Sparta and were not sent to school or educated.

9. What city-state did Sparta fight during the Peloponnesian War?
a. Thebes
b. Corinth
c. Argos
d. Delphi
e. Athens

10. Who ruled the government of Sparta?
a. A single king called a tyrant who had total power
b. Sparta was ruled by a queen and a powerful group of 30 women
c. Two kings who were watched over by five ephors
d. The people ruled through a democracy and representatives
e. A council of 12 men ruled by committee

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