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Ancient Greece - Soldiers.

1. What was the most important part of a Greek soldier's armor?
a. Greaves
b. Breastplate
c. Helmet
d. Shield
e. All of the above

2. What part of the body did the greaves protect?
a. Head
b. Shins
c. Neck
d. Arms
e. Chest

3. What was a xiphos?
a. A 10 foot long spear
b. A type of bow
c. A short sword
d. A mace
e. A type of shield

4. True or False: Spartan men were expected to retire from battle at the age of 30.

5. What was a hoplite?
a. A fighting formation used by the Greeks
b. A large two-handed sword
c. A small dagger
d. A type of armor
e. A Greek foot soldier

6. What was the Greek fighting formation called?
a. Phalanx
b. Maniple
c. Hoplite
d. Xiphos
e. Trireme

7. What Greek city-state was famous for its warrior society?
a. Athens
b. Sparta
c. Corinth
d. Argos
e. Thebes

8. What item did the Greek soldiers overlap to protect each other while lining up for battle?
a. Greaves
b. Shield
c. Helmet
d. Spear
e. Sword

9. What was the main weapon of a Greek battleship?
a. Large cannons along the side of the ships
b. A large crossbow called a ballista
c. Cranes used to lift enemy ships out of the water
d. A bronze prow at the front used to ram enemy ships
e. None of the above

10. What was a trireme?
a. A 10 foot long spear
b. A Greek helmet
c. A Greek battleship
d. A short sword
e. A type of shield

About this quiz: All the questions on this quiz are based on information that can be found on the Ancient Greece - Soldiers page at /history/ancient_greece/soldiers_and_war.php.

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