Peloponnesian War

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Peloponnesian War.

1. From what does the Peloponnesian War get its name?
a. From the language spoken by the people fighting
b. From the river where the largest battle was fought
c. From the city-state that was conquered by Sparta
d. From the general who started the war
e. From a peninsula where many Greek city-states are located

2. What were the main two Greek city-states that were fighting during the Peloponnesian War?
a. Corinth and Thebes
b. Athens and Sparta
c. Sparta and Argos
d. Rhodes and Athens
e. Delphi and Rome

3. What happened that weakened Athens during the First Peloponnesian War?
a. Many of their ships were sunk in a huge storm
b. They were attacked by the Persians
c. There was a plague in the city that killed many people including their leader
d. Much of the wall protecting the city collapsed due to poor construction
e. Many of their soldiers deserted to go to the Olympic Games

4. When did the Peloponnesian War begin?
a. 431 BC
b. 404 BC
c. 300 BC
d. 200 AD
e. 476 AD

5. How long did the First Peloponnesian War last?
a. 1 year
b. 5 years
c. 7 years
d. 10 years
e. 40 years

6. Which of the following best describes the war strategy of Athens?
a. To meet the Spartans head on and destroy them in a ground battle
b. To remain inside the walls of their city and use their superior ships to win the war
c. To lay siege to Sparta and eventually starve them out of their city
d. All of the above
e. None of the above

7. What former enemy did Sparta turn to for help during the Second Peloponnesian War?
a. Rome
b. Athens
c. Carthage
d. Egypt
e. Persia

8. Who was Pericles?
a. A great general and leader of Athens
b. The king of Sparta
c. A Greek philosopher who was against all war
d. A famous warrior from Corinth
e. The patron god of the Spartans

9. What happened to Athens after they lost the war to Sparta?
a. The city was completely destroyed including all the temples and buildings
b. The people were sold into slavery
c. The walls were torn down, but the city and people were saved by the Spartans
d. All the people in the city were put to death
e. Nothing because Athens did not lose the war

10. What were hoplites?
a. Spartan slaves
b. Ships used by Athens
c. A type of shield
d. Greek soldiers
e. People who protested the war

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