Ancient Greece - Minoans and Mycenaeans

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Ancient Greece - Minoans and Mycenaeans.

1. Where did the Minoans primarily live?
a. Peloponnese
b. Thrace
c. Macedonia
d. Island of Crete
e. Attica

2. What was the name of the capital city of the Minoans?
a. Corinth
b. Knossos
c. Athens
d. Sparta
e. Thebes

3. Why are the Mycenaeans sometimes called the first Greeks?
a. Because they believe in the Greek gods
b. Because they lived near Mount Olympus
c. Because they were the first to speak the Greek language
d. Because they started the Olympic games
e. Because they invented democracy

4. What mythical monster lived in a labyrinth built by King Minos?
a. Minotaur
b. Cerberus
c. Chimer
d. Cyclops
e. Hydra

5. What do archeologists call the written language of the Minoans?
a. Ancient Greek
b. Minoanese
c. Linear A
d. Hieroglyphics

6. What was the largest city of the Mycenaeans?
a. Knossos
b. Athens
c. Sparta
d. Mycenae
e. Thebes

7. What natural disaster do historians think may have weakened the Minoan civilization?
a. Flood
b. Earthquake
c. Meteor strike
d. Hurricane
e. Volcano

8. True or False: When the Mycenaeans conquered the Minoans, they adopted much of the Minoan culture.

9. What do archeologists call the first period of Ancient Greece?
a. Classical Greece
b. Hellenistic Greece
c. Roman Greece
d. Greek Archaic Period
e. Modern Greece

10. True or False: The Minion civilization was unknown to the modern world until the early 1900s.

About this quiz: All the questions on this quiz are based on information that can be found on the Ancient Greece - Minoans and Mycenaeans page at /history/ancient_greece/minoans_mycenaeans.php.

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