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1. Who wrote the Iliad?
a. Virgil
b. Homer
c. Shakespeare
d. Pindar
e. Sophocles

2. Who was Achilles?
a. The king of Sparta
b. The greatest of the warriors of Troy
c. The general of the Greek army
d. The husband of Helen of Troy
e. The greatest warrior in the world

3. Why were the Greeks and the Trojans at war?
a. Because the Greeks wanted the Trojan horse
b. Because Achilles hated the general Agamemnon
c. Because the Trojans took Helen the wife of the king of Sparta
d. Because Zeus wanted the Greeks to destroy Troy
e. For the entertainment of the gods

4. Why did Achilles agree to enter the battle again?
a. Because Zeus demanded that he fight again
b. Because he was bored
c. To answer the challenge issued by Hector
d. To avenge the death of his friend Patroclus
e. To show that he was the greatest fighter in the world

5. What was the only place where Achilles could be hurt?
a. His heel
b. His eyes
c. His heart
d. His brain
e. His stomach

6. Who was the greatest warrior of the Trojan army?
a. Achilles
b. Priam
c. Ajax
d. Hector
e. Paris

7. True or False: The Greek gods just observed the Trojan War, but never got directly involved in the fighting.

8. How did the Greeks finally defeat the Trojans?
a. By waiting until the Trojans ran out of food and were starving
b. By storming the walls using siege engines
c. By hiding in a giant horse that the Trojans thought was a gift
d. By convincing Zeus to use lighting bolts to knock down the main gate of the city
e. They did not defeat the Trojans, the Trojans won the war

9. Who came up with the idea of the Trojan horse?
a. Hercules
b. Achilles
c. Menelaus
d. Agamemnon
e. Odysseus

10. Who was Agamemnon?
a. The king of Sparta
b. The general of the Greek army
c. The father of Helen of Troy
d. The greatest warrior for Troy
e. The hero who defeated Hector

About this quiz: All the questions on this quiz are based on information that can be found on the Iliad page at /history/ancient_greece/iliad.php.

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