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Ancient Greece - Hephaestus.

1. Hephaestus was the god of blacksmiths, craftsmen, volcanoes, and what else?
a. Music
b. Travel
c. The sea
d. The sky
e. Fire

2. Who was Hephaestus married to?
a. Amphitrite
b. Hera
c. Athena
d. Aphrodite
e. Demeter

3. Which of the following was a child of Hephaestus?
a. Thalia
b. Ares
c. Eros
d. Orion
e. He didn't have any children

4. Which of the following was a symbol of Hephaestus?
a. Hammer
b. Trident
c. Bow and arrow
d. Pomegranate
e. Wheat

5. What was Hephaestus' Roman name?
a. Mars
b. Vulcan
c. Neptune
d. Jupiter
e. Bacchus

6. Why did Hephaestus' mother throw him from Mount Olympus as a baby?
a. She was afraid he would kill her
b. She thought he was evil
c. She was angry with his father
d. She was disgusted by his lame foot
e. She didn't, it was his father that threw him from the mountain

7. True or False: Hephaestus made many items such as weapons and armor for the Greek gods and heroes.

8. Who was Hephaestus' mother?
a. Athena
b. Rhea
c. Hera
d. Aphrodite
e. Demeter

9. Instead of riding a chariot like the other gods, what did Hephaestus ride?
a. Eagle
b. Lion
c. Whale
d. Donkey
e. Ostrich

10. Who rescued Hephaestus after his mother threw him from Mount Olympus?
a. Heracles
b. Sea nymphs
c. Cyclopes
d. Woodland Satyrs
e. No one rescued him, he took care of himself

About this quiz: All the questions on this quiz are based on information that can be found on the Ancient Greece - Hephaestus page at /history/ancient_greece/hephaestus.php.

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