Ancient Greece - Demeter

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Ancient Greece - Demeter.

1. Who was Demeter married to?
a. Poseidon
b. Apollo
c. Ares
d. Hephaestus
e. She wasn't married

2. Demeter was the goddess of grain, fertility, and what else?
a. Harvest
b. Beauty
c. Wisdom
d. Moon
e. Marriage

3. Which of the following was a child of Demeter?
a. Persephone
b. Ares
c. Eros
d. Orion
e. She didn't have any children

4. Which of the following was a symbol of Demeter?
a. Bow and arrow
b. Swan
c. Owl
d. Pomegranate
e. Wheat

5. What was Demeter's Roman name?
a. Juno
b. Mars
c. Ceres
d. Diana
e. Venus

6. True or False: The Greeks considered the worship of Demeter important because she could bring them good crops.

7. What god stole Demeter's daughter and caused the season of winter?
a. Zeus
b. Ares
c. Hades
d. Atlas
e. Poseidon

8. What kind of creatures pull Demeter's chariot?
a. Sparrows
b. Dolphins
c. Peacocks
d. Dragons
e. Tigers

9. Who was Demeter's father and king of the Titans?
a. Zeus
b. Cronus
c. Ares
d. Hades
e. Atlas

10. What did Demeter teach to the man Triptolemus?
a. The art of agriculture
b. How to make horses fly
c. The art of blacksmithing
d. How to weave fabric of pure gold
e. How to turn someone into an animal

About this quiz: All the questions on this quiz are based on information that can be found on the Ancient Greece - Demeter page at /history/ancient_greece/demeter.php.

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