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Ancient Greece - Athena.

1. Athena was the goddess of courage, crafts, and what else?
a. Harvest
b. Beauty
c. Wisdom
d. Moon
e. Marriage

2. Which of the following was a child of Athena?
a. Persephone
b. Ares
c. Eros
d. Phobos
e. She didn't have any children

3. Which of the following was a symbol of Athena?
a. Bow and arrow
b. Swan
c. Owl
d. Pomegranate
e. Wheat

4. What was Athena's Roman name?
a. Juno
b. Mars
c. Venus
d. Diana
e. Minerva

5. Athena was the patron goddess of what Greek city?
a. Athens
b. Sparta
c. Argos
d. Corinth
e. Eretria

6. What Greek hero did Athena assist in Greek Mythology?
a. Odysseus
b. Hercules
c. Perseus
d. Jason
e. All of the above

7. What did Athena do to Arachne for defeating her in their weaving contest?
a. Gave her 7 wishes
b. Made her the most beautiful woman on Earth
c. Rewarded her with a golden fleece
d. Turned her into a spider
e. Threw her into the River Styx in the Underworld

8. Who was Athena's father?
a. Zeus
b. Cronus
c. Ares
d. Hades
e. Atlas

9. What gift did Athena present to win the city of Athens away from Poseidon?
a. Owl
b. Horse
c. Olive Tree
d. Shield
e. Spear

10. What is the Parthenon?
a. A temple in Athens dedicated to Athena
b. A monster that Athena helped Odysseus defeat
c. A ship that Athena gave to Jason
d. A magical shield used by Athena
e. Athena's home on Mount Olympus

About this quiz: All the questions on this quiz are based on information that can be found on the Ancient Greece - Athena page at /history/ancient_greece/athena.php.

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