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Ancient Greece - Apollo.

1. Apollo was the god of poetry, light, prophecy, and what else?
a. Music
b. Travel
c. The sea
d. The sky
e. War

2. Who was Apollo married to?
a. Amphitrite
b. Hera
c. Athena
d. Aphrodite
e. He wasn't married

3. Which of the following was a child of Apollo?
a. Persephone
b. Ares
c. Orpheus
d. Orion
e. He didn't have any children

4. Which of the following was a symbol of Apollo?
a. Hammer
b. Trident
c. Bow and arrow
d. Pomegranate
e. Wheat

5. What was Apollo's Roman name?
a. Mars
b. Vulcan
c. Neptune
d. Jupiter
e. Apollo

6. Who was Daphne?
a. Apollo's twin sister
b. Apollo's mother
c. A nymph that Apollo fell in love with
d. A soldier who Apollo killed during the Trojan War
e. A Queen who mocked Apollo's mother for only having two children

7. Who was Apollo's father?
a. Zeus
b. Cronus
c. Ares
d. Hades
e. Atlas

8. Who was Apollo's twin sister?
a. Hera
b. Artemis
c. Athena
d. Aphrodite
e. Demeter

9. Apollo was the patron god of what Greek city?
a. Athens
b. Sparta
c. Argos
d. Delphi
e. Eretria

10. What musical instrument did Apollo play?
a. Flute
b. Fiddle
c. Lyre
d. Horn
e. Drums

About this quiz: All the questions on this quiz are based on information that can be found on the Ancient Greece - Apollo page at /history/ancient_greece/apollo.php.

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