Ancient Greece - Achilles

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Ancient Greece - Achilles.

1. Achilles was a major character in what Greek story?
a. Alcestis
b. Iliad
c. Andromache
d. Odyssey
e. Medea

2. Who was Achilles' mother?
a. Hera
b. Aphrodite
c. Athena
d. Thetis
e. Helen

3. What river was Achilles dipped in as a boy?
a. Styx
b. Nile
c. Nestos
d. Acheron
e. Maritsa

4. What city did Achilles fight over for many years?
a. Athens
b. Sparta
c. Troy
d. Corinth
e. Thebes

5. Why did Achilles refuse to fight in the middle of the war?
a. Because he became tired of war
b. Because Agamemnon took the princess Briseis away
c. Because he knew they could not win
d. Because the gods told him to stop fighting
e. Because he was injured

6. Who were the powerful soldiers that fought alongside Achilles in the war?
a. Myrmidons
b. Romans
c. Trojans
d. Spartans
e. Athenians

7. What Trojan warrior killed Achilles' friend Patroclus?
a. Paris
b. Agamemnon
c. Odysseus
d. Hector
e. Skyros

8. What weapon finally killed Achilles?
a. Sword
b. Spear
c. Knife
d. Rock
e. Arrow

9. What was Achilles' only weakness?
a. His heart
b. His heel
c. His forehead
d. His eyes
e. His neck

10. What Greek god helped Paris to defeat Achilles?
a. Zeus
b. Athena
c. Apollo
d. Ares
e. Hades

About this quiz: All the questions on this quiz are based on information that can be found on the Ancient Greece - Achilles page at /history/ancient_greece/achilles.php.

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