Valley of the Kings

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Valley of the Kings.

1. What was the Valley of the Kings?
a. A place where the Pharaohs of Ancient Egypt lived
b. A place where the Pharaohs were buried for hundreds of years
c. A beautiful valley where the Ancient Egyptians went for vacation
d. A forbidden valley where it was thought the gods lived
e. A valley where the Egyptians won a historic battle against the Greeks

2. What happened to most of the treasure that was buried with the Pharaohs?
a. It was removed and put into museums throughout the world
b. Most of it was still in the tombs as thieves were too scared of the curses to enter
c. The Romans took it and displayed it in Rome
d. It was stolen by thieves thousands of years ago
e. The Egyptian priests removed it to sell and buy food for the poor

3. What Pharaoh`s tomb was found in the Valley of Kings with most of the treasure intact?
a. Tutankhamun
b. Rameses
c. Hatshepsut
d. Amenhotep II
e. Thutmose IV

4. Around how many tombs have been found in the Valley of Kings?
a. 7
b. 12
c. 60
d. 300
e. Thousands

5. Why do archeologists think that King Tut`s tomb was not emptied by tomb raiders?
a. Because it was buried under some workmen`s huts
b. Because the raiders were scared of the curse of King Tut
c. Because it was buried hundreds of feet under ground
d. Because of the intricate traps and secret passages
e. Because no one would steal from a burial site

6. Who was the first Pharaoh to begin the tradition of being buried in the Valley of the Kings?
a. Tutankhamun
b. Amenhotep I
c. Hatshepsut
d. Rameses I
e. Tuthmosis I

7. How long a period of time was the Valley of the Kings the primary burial place for the Egyptian Pharaohs?
a. 10 years
b. 100 years
c. 500 years
d. 2000 years
e. 3000 years

8. True or False: King Tut`s curse has largely turned out to be a rumor as nothing much bad has happened to those involved in finding and opening his tomb.

9. Who is known for finding King Tut`s tomb?
a. Kathleen Kenyan
b. Mary Leakey
c. John Camp
d. Howard Carter
e. Lara Croft

10. What feature of the tombs has allowed archeologists to learn much about the lives of the Pharaohs?
a. Papyrus notes that the tomb raiders left behind
b. The artwork on the walls
c. Piles of stone tablets filled with hieroglyphics
d. All of the above
e. None of the above

About this quiz: All the questions on this quiz are based on information that can be found on the Valley of the Kings page at /history/ancient_egyptian_valley_of_the_kings.php.

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