Timeline of Ancient Egypt

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Timeline of Ancient Egypt.

1. What was the first of the three Kingdom periods?
a. Dynastic Period
b. Middle Kingdom
c. Old Kingdom
d. First Kingdom
e. New Kingdom

2. What major development occurred near the beginning of the Ancient Egyptian civilization that helped the Egyptians to make records and run the government?
a. Irrigation
b. Pyramids
c. Cosmetics
d. Hieroglyphics
e. Horse and chariots

3. During which Kingdom period was the golden age of Egypt when the Egyptian empire expanded?
a. Dynastic Period
b. Middle Kingdom
c. Old Kingdom
d. First Kingdom
e. New Kingdom

4. What are the two ways that many historians use to outline the history of the Ancient Egyptian Empire?
a. Kingdoms and dynasties
b. Architecture and religion
c. Kingdoms and religion
d. Art and dynasties
e. Art and architecture

5. What is another name for the Old Kingdom period?
a. The Dynastic Period
b. The Age of the Pyramids
c. The Age of the Empire
d. The Age of Irrigation
e. The Time of the Ancients

6. Ruling during the New Kingdom, this Pharaoh was one of the most successful woman Pharaohs in Egypt`s history:
a. Hatshepsut
b. Amenhotep III
c. Cleopatra VII
d. Amhose I
e. Menes

7. Who was the first Pharaoh of Ancient Egypt?
a. Hatshepsut
b. Djoser
c. Imhotep
d. Amhose I
e. Menes

8. Where were the Pharaohs buried during the age of the New Kingdom?
a. Pyramids
b. The Sphinx
c. Valley of the Kings
d. Alexandria
e. Giza

9. What Greek conqueror captured Egypt in 332 B.C.?
a. Ptolemy
b. Alexander the Great
c. Philip of Macedonia
d. Julius Caesar
e. Marc Antony

10. Who was the last Pharaoh of Egypt?
a. Amhose I
b. Menes
c. Hatshepsut
d. Cleopatra VII
e. Ptolemy I

About this quiz: All the questions on this quiz are based on information that can be found on the Timeline of Ancient Egypt page at /history/ancient_egyptian_timeline.php.

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