Ancient Egyptian Pharaohs

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Ancient Egyptian Pharaohs.

1. Were Pharaohs considered the top government official or the top religious official?
a. Government
b. Religious
c. Both
d. Neither
e. They were second in religion behind the high priest

2. What does the Egyptian word that Pharaoh comes from mean?
a. Great house
b. High king
c. Man god
d. Sun person
e. Royal one

3. Which Pharaoh banished all the gods but one, the sun god?
a. Tutankhamun
b. Akhenaten
c. Amenhotep III
d. Cleopatra VII
e. Ramses II

4. What is the period of rule called when the title of Pharaoh is passed down within the same family?
a. An age
b. A kingdom
c. A dynasty
d. A aeon
e. An empire

5. Which Pharaoh built more statues and monuments than any other Pharaoh?
a. Cleopatra VII
b. Tutankhamun
c. Hatshepsut
d. Amenhotep III
e. Ramses II

6. What was Cleopatra VII most famous for?
a. Being the last Pharaoh of the Egyptian Empire and making alliances with Rome
b. Conquering much of the Assyrian and Persian empires
c. Defeating the Greeks and taking the throne from the Ptolemy Dynasty
d. Making an alliance with Alexander the Great in return for the city of Alexandria
e. Being the first Pharaoh to build a pyramid

7. Which Pharaoh is thought to have brought Egypt to the peak of its power during his 29 year reign?
a. Akhenaten
b. Tutankhamun
c. Pepy II
d. Amenhotep III
e. Ramses II

8. What image, said to protect him with spitting fire, was only allowed to be worn by the Pharaoh?
a. The hyena god
b. The cobra goddess
c. The dragon god
d. The lizard god
e. The peacock goddess

9. This lady started out as regent for her son who was in line to become Pharaoh, but then took the title of Pharaoh herself and became one of Egypt`s greatest rulers.
a. Cleopatra VII
b. Pepy II
c. Hatshepsut
d. Amenhotep III
e. Khufu

10. Which of the following statements is true about King Tut?
a. His full name was Tutankhamun.
b. His father was Akhenaten who banished the worship of all gods, but the sun god.
c. He became Pharaoh at the age of 9.
d. One of the greatest surviving treasures of Ancient Egypt was found in his tomb.
e. All of the above

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