Ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphics

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Ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphics.

1. Which statement below best describes hieroglyphics?
a. A type of art using letters and sounds
b. A form of writing using picture symbols
c. A fancy way of writing the Greek alphabet
d. A font that can be use with any language
e. A type of writing similar to cursive

2. Who were the people that were specially trained to read and write hieroglyphics?
a. Pharaohs
b. Priests
c. Scribes
d. Accountants
e. Authors

3. True or False: Most of the Egyptian people were taught to read and write.

4. What type of plant did the Egyptians use to make their paper?
a. Papyrus
b. Wheat
c. Palm leaves
d. Tree bark
e. Lotus

5. What was special about the Rosetta Stone?
a. It had all of the hieroglyphic symbols written in one place
b. It described how to tell which direction hieroglyphics were written
c. It had a secret treasure map to one of the Pharaoh`s tombs
d. It gave a detailed history of the early formation of the Ancient Egyptian civilization
e. It had the same message written in both the Greek language and hieroglyphics

6. How was hieroglyphics different from the way we write today?
a. It can be written in any direction
b. A symbol can represent a full word or a sound
c. There is no punctuation
d. All of the above
e. None of the above

7. Who was the famous scribe who also architected the first pyramid?
a. Menes
b. Djoser
c. Khufu
d. Tutankhamun
e. Imhotep

8. Why would someone in Ancient Egypt want to become a scribe?
a. Because it was a good job
b. Scribes did not have to pay taxes
c. Scribes did not have to join the army
d. All of the above
e. No one wanted to become a scribe

9. How long ago did the Egyptians invent hieroglyphic writing?
a. Around 1000 years ago
b. Around 2000 years ago
c. Around 3000 years ago
d. Around 4000 years ago
e. Around 5000 years ago

10. What is it called when a letter or symbol represents a picture or concept rather than a sound?
a. An ideogram
b. A gramophone
c. Calligraphy
d. Cursive
e. A phonogram

About this quiz: All the questions on this quiz are based on information that can be found on the Ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphics page at /history/ancient_egyptian_hieroglyphics.php.

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