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Ancient Egyptian Government.

1. Who was the supreme ruler of all the land in Ancient Egypt?
a. The King
b. The Pharaoh
c. The Vizier
d. The Nomark
e. The Tsar

2. Why did most of the citizens of Ancient Egypt accept Pharaoh as the supreme leader?
a. Because the Pharaoh was also a great fighter and could defeat any warrior in the land
b. Many citizens didn`t agree and the government was in constant turmoil as a result
c. Because they weren`t very smart and could not imagine another type of government
d. Because the Pharaoh was also considered a god and was the people`s representative to the gods
e. Because Pharaoh bought their loyalty with gold and food

3. What official reported to the Pharaoh as the leader of the government?
a. The president
b. The nomark
c. The vizier
d. The senator
e. The consul

4. Which of the following is NOT part of the instructions that the law gave the vizer?
a. Do as you please
b. Act by the law
c. Not act headstrong
d. Judge fairly
e. Not act willfully

5. What did scribes do in Ancient Egypt?
a. Keep track of the finances
b. Record taxes
c. Write down the census numbers
d. None of the above
e. All of the above

6. Who was considered the second most powerful person in the land?
a. Vizier
b. Pharaoh
c. Nomark
d. Pharaoh`s wife
e. Head scribe

7. What was the job of a nomark?
a. To head up various divisions of Pharaoh`s armies
b. To rule over an area of land called a nome
c. To oversee the farmers
d. To keep the public works in order
e. To write down and record the activities of the government

8. What was the first vizier of Egypt, Imhotep, famous for?
a. He built the first irrigation works
b. He designed the Sphinx
c. He architected the first pyramid
d. He invented hieroglyphics
e. He explored the Nile River

9. True or False: The Ancient Egyptians had a very complicated system of law recorded on thousands of pages of papyrus.

10. Who kept track of the farmers to make sure they were dong their jobs?
a. Overseers of the land
b. Viziers
c. Nomarks
d. Scribes
e. The Pharaoh

About this quiz: All the questions on this quiz are based on information that can be found on the Ancient Egyptian Government page at /history/ancient_egyptian_government.php.

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