Ancient Egyptian Food and Daily Life

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Ancient Egyptian Food and Daily Life.

1. What type of clothes did most of the Ancient Egyptians wear?
a. They men wore breechcloths and the women skirts and blouses made from animal skins.
b. The women wore patterned skirts and blouses and the men wore white shorts.
c. Both the men and women wore white cotton robes.
d. The women wore white linen dresses and the men white linen kilts.
e. The men wore patterned robes and the women wore white linen skirts and blouses.

2. What was the main type of food eaten by the commoner in Ancient Egypt?
a. Rice
b. Bread
c. Corn
d. Potatoes
e. Meat

3. Did the men or women wear jewelry and makeup?
a. The men wore jewelry, the women makeup
b. Only the women wore jewelry or makeup
c. Both jewelry and makeup were worn by both men and women
d. Only the men wore jewelry or makeup
e. Jewelry and makeup were only worn by the royal family

4. What type of houses did the average Ancient Egyptian live in?
a. Wooden houses with thatch roofs
b. Large stone homes with many rooms
c. Small brick homes in the shape of a pyramid
d. Mud houses with a flat roof
e. Wood homes with no walls to let the cool air in at night

5. In what occupation did the majority of the people work?
a. Farmers
b. Soldiers
c. Stone cutters
d. Craftsman
e. Fisherman

6. What occupation was reserved for the few people who could read and write?
a. Craftsmen
b. Scribes
c. Administrators
d. Supervisors
e. Priests

7. True or False: The women of Ancient Egypt could rise to the top positions in the land, including Pharaoh.

8. What was the main drink of the Egyptians?
a. Wine
b. Water
c. Milk
d. Juice
e. Beer

9. What job gave people the opportunity to rise in Egyptian society?
a. Scribe
b. Farmer
c. Soldier
d. Priest
e. Craftsman

10. Which of the following was a common craftsman job?
a. Potter
b. Leather worker
c. Carpenter
d. Jeweler
e. All of the above

About this quiz: All the questions on this quiz are based on information that can be found on the Ancient Egyptian Food and Daily Life page at /history/ancient_egyptian_food_daily_life.php.

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