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Inventions and Technology.

1. What are hieroglyphics?
a. Machines used to build the pyramids
b. A type of boat used to sail the Nile River
c. Special herbs used to cure diseases
d. A type of writing used by the Egyptians
e. A type of eye makeup

2. What did the Egyptians make their paper from?
a. The acacia tree
b. The papyrus plant
c. Crocodile skin
d. Crushed eggshells
e. Insect wings

3. From what region did Egypt buy cedar wood in order to build their boats?
a. Nubia
b. Israel
c. Babylon
d. Greece
e. Lebanon

4. What strange cure did the Ancient Egyptians use to try and cure a cough?
a. A whole cooked mouse
b. Cobra poison
c. Human brains
d. Ground up elephant hooves
e. Orange Juice

5. True or False: The Egyptians were the first civilization to invent the wheel.

6. The Egyptians did NOT have a numeral for which of the following numbers?
a. One
b. Ten
c. Seven
d. One hundred
e. One million

7. What was kohl?
a. A delicious vegetable
b. An animal that the Egyptians considered magical
c. A type of medicine used for fever
d. A dark eye makeup
e. A pen used for writing hieroglyphics

8. Why did the Egyptians have problems with their teeth?
a. Because they used toothpaste
b. Because their bread was full of sand and grit
c. Because they ate too many sweets
d. Because they did not drink enough milk
e. Because they considered toothless people to be good looking

9. What did the Egyptians invent to help take care of their teeth?
a. Braces
b. The dental drill
c. Toothpaste
d. Gold fillings
e. All of the above

10. True or False: The Egyptians built boats from papyrus reeds.

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