The Great Sphinx

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The Great Sphinx.

1. What animal was the body of the sphinx modeled after?
a. Eagle
b. Lion
c. Crocodile
d. Elephant
e. Dog

2. Why did the Egyptians build statues of the sphinx?
a. To guard important buildings such as temples and tombs
b. Because they thought they were cool looking
c. To make fun of important people like the pharaohs
d. To scare off animals such as snakes and crocodiles
e. Because the kids thought they were fun to play with

3. Around how tall is the Great Sphinx of Giza?
a. 10 feet
b. 24 feet
c. 66 feet
d. 90 feet
e. 135 feet

4. When was the Great Sphinx built?
a. 2500 BC
b. 1000 BC
c. 200 BC
d. 500 AD
e. 1200 AD

5. What color do scientists think that the face and the body of the Great Sphinx were painted?
a. Yellow
b. Blue
c. Green
d. Purple
e. Red

6. What part of the Sphinx do some people think was shot off by soldiers doing shooting practice?
a. The beard
b. The ears
c. The toes
d. The nose
e. The headdress

7. Why did the pharaoh Thutmose decide to restore the Great Sphinx?
a. He wanted to see what it would look like uncovered and fixed up
b. He had a dream telling him he would be pharaoh if he restored it
c. He really liked sphinxes and wanted to restore the biggest one in the world
d. He thought that it would come to life and fight for him
e. He was a patron of the arts and hated to see the sphinx covered in sand

8. Whose face do many archeologists think that the head of the Great Sphinx is modeled after?
a. Tutankhamun
b. Cleopatra
c. Khafra
d. Thutmose
e. Osiris

9. What color do archeologists think that the beard of the Great Sphinx was painted?
a. Orange
b. Yellow
c. Purple
d. Blue
e. Red

10. What culture named this creature the sphinx?
a. The Romans
b. The Greeks
c. The Persians
d. The Assyrians
e. The Babylonians

About this quiz: All the questions on this quiz are based on information that can be found on the The Great Sphinx page at /history/ancient_egypt/great_sphinx.php.

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