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Nile River.

1. Which is the longest river in the world?
a. Amazon River
b. Yellow River
c. Mississippi River
d. Nile River
e. Yellow River

2. What body of water does the Nile River empty into?
a. Atlantic Ocean
b. Mediterranean Sea
c. Red Sea
d. Lake Victoria
e. Indian Ocean

3. Which of the following was NOT an important crop of the Ancient Egyptians?
a. Flax
b. Papyrus
c. Corn
d. Wheat
e. None of the above

4. What important event took place each year that provided rich soil around the Nile River?
a. The river flooded its banks
b. Giant flocks of birds came through the land traveling south
c. Huge storms came during the rainy season
d. All of the above
e. None of the above

5. True or False: Upper Egypt is located in the northern part of the Nile River where it empties into the sea.

6. What was Akhet?
a. The harvest season
b. The god of the Nile River
c. The dry season
d. The growing season
e. The season of flooding

7. What did the Egyptians consider the Gift of the Nile?
a. The fish they were able to catch for food
b. The fresh water they could use for drinking and bathing
c. The breeze that helped them to travel upstream
d. The rich black soil from the Nile flooding
e. All new children were considered Gifts of the Nile

8. True or False: Boats on the Nile River were the primary way of traveling and shipping goods in Ancient Egypt.

9. Why does the Nile River not flood the cities of modern day Egypt?
a. Because it stopped flooding over a thousand years ago
b. Because of the Aswan Dam
c. Because the river dried up around one hundred years ago
d. Because the cities are built on high ground and the buildings are on stilts
e. It still floods many cities every year

10. What did the Ancient Egyptians believe caused the Nile to flood each year?
a. The tears of the goddess Isis
b. Melting snow to the south at the source of the river
c. Earthquakes in the Red Sea
d. A shifting in the gravitational pull of the sun
e. Giant elephants in central Africa

About this quiz: All the questions on this quiz are based on information that can be found on the Nile River page at /history/ancient_egypt/geography_nile_river.php.

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