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Ancient Egypt - Clothing.

1. What fabric did the Ancient Egyptians use for most of their clothing?
a. Cotton
b. Wool
c. Linen
d. Silk
e. Deerskin

2. What color was most of the clothing worn by the Ancient Egyptians?
a. Black
b. White
c. Red
d. Purple
e. Blue

3. What kind of shoes did the Egyptians wear?
a. Boots
b. Leather shoes
c. Deerskin moccasins
d. Sandals
e. All of the above

4. What were the shoes of the poor made from?
a. Leather
b. Woven grass
c. Linen
d. Deerskin
e. None of the above

5. True or False: Ancient Egyptian men wore makeup and skirts.

6. What type of jewelry did Egyptian men wear?
a. Bracelets
b. Necklaces
c. Earrings
d. All of the above
e. Men didn't wear jewelry

7. What was kohl?
a. A type of necklace
b. Cloth used to make clothing
c. Black eye paint
d. A large wig worn by the wealthy
e. A long skirt worn by men

8. Besides looking good, how did makeup help the Ancient Egyptians?
a. It warded off evil spirits
b. It protected their skin from the sun
c. It had healing properties
d. It gave them magical powers
e. None of the above

9. What is linen made from?
a. Sheep fur
b. The cotton plant
c. Camel fur
d. The flax plant
e. Crocodile skin

10. What animal were the cloaks of the pharaohs and the high ranking priests made from?
a. Crocodiles
b. Lions
c. Zebras
d. Giraffes
e. Leopards

About this quiz: All the questions on this quiz are based on information that can be found on the Ancient Egypt - Clothing page at /history/ancient_egypt/clothing_of_ancient_egypt.php.

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