American Revolution

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American Revolution.

1. What country did the American colonies rebel against?
a. Portugal
b. Spain
c. Britain
d. France
e. Germany

2. How many of the American Colonies were a part of the revolution?
a. 7
b. 13
c. 21
d. 32
e. 50

3. What year did the Revolutionary War begin?
a. 1775
b. 1776
c. 1780
d. 1812
e. 1941

4. What was the main reason that the American Colonies rebelled and fought for their independence?
a. They wanted their own king
b. They didn`t like the people of Britain and wanted nothing to do with them
c. They felt they had outgrown the British Empire and would do better without them
d. They didn`t want to pay taxes without having representation in the government
e. They thought it would be cool to have their own flag

5. What was the name of the group that declared the independence of the United States?
a. The Washingtonians
b. The Whigs
c. The Republicans
d. The Constitutional Congress
e. The Second Continental Congress

6. What year did the United States issue the Declaration of Independence?
a. 1775
b. 1776
c. 1783
d. 1786
e. 1790

7. Which of the following states was NOT part of the original 13 colonies?
a. Virginia
b. Georgia
c. New York
d. Maryland
e. Colorado

8. Which European country became a major ally to the United States during the Revolutionary War?
a. Russia
b. Italy
c. France
d. Austria
e. Sweden

9. Who was the first President of the United States?
a. George Washington
b. John Adams
c. Paul Revere
d. Abraham Lincoln
e. Thomas Jefferson

10. What type of government did the new country of the United States form?
a. Monarchy
b. Democracy
c. Dictatorship
d. Theocracy
e. Communist

About this quiz: All the questions on this quiz are based on information that can be found on the American Revolution page at /history/american_revolution.php.

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