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Soldiers Uniforms and Gear.

1. Why did soldiers in the Revolutionary War wear uniforms?
a. The uniforms were made from bullet proof material
b. The uniforms provided camouflage when hiding in the woods
c. They made the soldiers stronger and faster
d. They helped to determine who was a friend and who was an enemy during battle
e. Because they looked awesome

2. What did the typical uniform of the American militia look like?
a. They were green with yellow piping
b. They dressed in red coats so they could sneak up on the British
c. Most militia just wore their regular clothes
d. They wore red, white, and blue striped coats and hats
e. The militia wore all black so they could not be seen at night

3. What was the first official color of the American uniforms?
a. Brown
b. Blue
c. Red
d. Green
e. Purple

4. Which of the following was NOT a name for the British soldiers?
a. Red coats
b. Lobster backs
c. Regulars
d. King`s Men
e. Red Riders

5. What important part of the uniform was always wearing out from long marches?
a. Hat
b. Shoes
c. Coat
d. Pants
e. Knapsack

6. What was the most common weapon carried by the average foot soldier?
a. Sword
b. Knife
c. Spear
d. Musket
e. Pike

7. What was the nickname for the musket used by the British?
a. Dead Eye
b. Red Shooter
c. Brown Bess
d. Fire Starter
e. Tall Paul

8. What was a volley?
a. The name for when a canon was fired
b. A type of battle between ships in the ocean or large sea
c. The type of hat worn by most soldiers in the Revolutionary War
d. The name for a group of soldiers who protected a fort or city
e. When a large number of soldiers fired their muskets at the same time

9. What color of coats did the British army wear?
a. White
b. Red
c. Brown
d. Blue
e. Orange

10. What was a bayonet?
a. A blade that was placed on the end of a musket for hand to hand combat
b. A small cannon that could be easily carried from battle to battle
c. A type of sack that soldiers used to carry their food rations
d. A type of badge that indicated the rank of officers in the army
e. A prison where prisoners of war were held captive

About this quiz: All the questions on this quiz are based on information that can be found on the Soldiers Uniforms and Gear page at /history/american_revolution/soldiers_uniforms_and_gear.php.

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