Life as a Revolutionary War Soldier

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Life as a Revolutionary War Soldier.

1. What was the name of the army that the American Congress formed to fight the British?
a. Militia
b. Union Army
c. Sons of Liberty
d. Continental army
e. Confederate army

2. What was the militia?
a. A group of local citizens who trained a few times a year to fight
b. A group of specially trained forces that was part of the main army
c. A nickname for the British soldiers
d. The name for the boys who played the fife and drums in the army
e. A type of soldier that fought on horseback

3. About how much did a private in the Continental army get paid each month?
a. $1
b. $6
c. $10
d. $25
e. $50

4. Who was the main Commander in charge of the entire Continental army?
a. Horatio Gates
b. John Adams
c. George Washington
d. Thomas Jefferson
e. Benedict Arnold

5. What was the main difference between the militia and the Continental army?
a. The soldiers in the Continental army were paid
b. The army soldiers trained more than the militia
c. The army soldiers had to enlist for a longer period of time
d. All of the above
e. None of the above

6. True or False: The soldiers of the Continental army were provided uniforms, weapons, and other gear by the government.

7. How did most soldiers die during the Revolutionary War?
a. From getting shot by a musket
b. From getting stabbed by a bayonet
c. From disease and sickness
d. From getting hit by a cannonball
e. From old age

8. True or False: Many soldiers wanted to surrender so they could spend the rest of the war in prison camps where soldiers were well fed and treated with kindness.

9. What were the soldiers from Germany called?
a. Militia
b. Redcoats
c. Wehrmacht
d. Minutemen
e. Hessians

10. Around how many soldiers did the Continental army have at one time?
a. 5,000
b. 17,000
c. 50,000
d. 80,000
e. 150,000

About this quiz: All the questions on this quiz are based on information that can be found on the Life as a Revolutionary War Soldier page at /history/american_revolution/life_as_a_revolutionary_war_soldier.php.

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