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American Revolution - Causes.

1. What reason did the American colonists give for protesting British taxes?
a. They preferred to pay French taxes
b. The British didn't help in the French and Indian War
c. They didn't have representation in the British Parliament
d. They were mostly German
e. They didn't like the king

2. What group formed in Boston in 1765 to protest British taxes and laws?
a. Knights of Templar
b. Freemasons
c. Boys of Boston
d. Sons of Liberty
e. Redcoats

3. Which of the following was not a new law or tax imposed by the British on the American colonies?
a. Stamp Act
b. Social Security Act
c. Sugar Act
d. Quartering Act
e. Currency Act

4. What were many of the early colonists trying to escape from by leaving England?
a. Slavery
b. War
c. Starvation
d. Pollution
e. Religious Persecution

5. True or False: It took several years and many events before the colonists decided to fight for independence.

6. What did patriots in Boston dump into the harbor in a 1773 protest?
a. Wool
b. Chests of gold
c. Tea
d. English money
e. Tax documents

7. What was the name of the meeting between representatives of 12 of the 13 colonies in 1774?
a. Colonial Congress
b. First Continental Congress
c. American Parliament
d. The Big Twelve
e. Dirty Dozen

8. True or False: The increased laws placed on the American colonies divided the colonies further as many supported the British.

9. What nickname did the colonists give to a series of new laws passed by the British to punish the colonies for the Boston Tea Party?
a. Horrible Acts
b. Abominable Acts
c. Dreadful Acts
d. Intolerable Acts
e. Ghastly Acts

10. What city did the British blockade to punish the colonists?
a. New York
b. Baltimore
c. Charleston
d. Newport
e. Boston

About this quiz: All the questions on this quiz are based on information that can be found on the American Revolution - Causes page at /history/american_revolution/causes_revolutionary_war.php.

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