Battles of Saratoga

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Battles of Saratoga.

1. Who was the commander of the British forces?
a. Horatio Gates
b. John Burgoyne
c. Benjamin Lincoln
d. William Howe
e. Enoch Poor

2. Where was General Burgoyne to meet up with General Howe?
a. Albany
b. New York City
c. Saratoga
d. Philadelphia
e. Boston

3. What happened to the British troops sent to Bennington, Vermont?
a. They gathered much needed supplies and horses
b. They defeated a small force of militia
c. They were surrounded by the Continental army but managed to fight their way back
d. They were defeated by American forces and surrendered
e. They camped there for the winter

4. Where did the first Battle of Saratoga take place?
a. Bennington
b. Bemis Heights
c. Valley Forge
d. Fort Ticonderoga
e. Freeman`s Farm

5. What were the results of the Battle of Freeman`s Farm?
a. The small British force was captured
b. The Americans surrendered to the much larger British force
c. The British won the field of battle, but suffered more casualties
d. Each side had around the same number of casualties
e. The British captured the strategic location helping them to win the war

6. Which statement best describes the results of the Battles of Saratoga?
a. The Americans suffered a massive defeat nearly costing them the war
b. The British army retreated to fight another day
c. The Americans took over the fort, only to lose it later to the British
d. The British army surrendered, causing a turning point in the war in favor of the Americans
e. The battles were indecisive having no impact on the overall war

7. What American general had a falling out with his commander Horatio Gates at the Battle of Saratoga?
a. John Stark
b. Benedict Arnold
c. George Washington
d. Enoch Poor
e. John Burgoyne

8. Where was Benedict Arnold injured?
a. In the arm
b. In the head
c. In the leg
d. In the chest
e. He was not injured

9. What country decided to provide military support to the Americans after they won the Battle of Saratoga?
a. France
b. Canada
c. Austria
d. China
e. Germany

10. What was the nickname for General John Burgoyne?
a. Big John
b. General Cheese Burgoyne
c. Jonny Appleseed
d. Ironman
e. Gentleman Johnny

About this quiz: All the questions on this quiz are based on information that can be found on the Battles of Saratoga page at /history/american_revolution/battles_of_saratoga.php.

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