Ancient Africa - Songhai Empire

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Ancient Africa - Songhai Empire.

1. Where was the Songhai Empire located?
a. Southern Africa
b. Eastern Europe
c. Western Africa
d. South America
e. Middle East

2. What river ran along much of the Songhai Empire?
a. Congo River
b. Niger River
c. Nile River
d. Amazon River
e. Yangtze River

3. What leader first established the Songhai Empire?
a. Shaka Zulu
b. Mansa Musa
c. Hannibal
d. Sunni Ali
e. Sundiata

4. True or False: The slave trade was an important part of the Songhai economy?

5. What was the capital city of the Songhai Empire?
a. Gao
b. Koumbi Saleh
c. Mogadishu
d. Addis Ababa
e. Tripoli

6. What religion played an important role in the Songhai government and culture?
a. Taoism
b. Judaism
c. Buddhism
d. Christianity
e. Islam

7. What was one way to avoid being sold into slavery?
a. Be captured in an enemy raid
b. Prove that you were a Christian
c. Convert to Islam
d. All of the above
e. None of the above

8. What was a griot?
a. A governor of a province
b. A storyteller
c. A slave trader
d. A high ranking Islamic leader
e. An iron worker

9. What major geographical feature was located just to the north of the Songhai Empire?
a. Sahara Desert
b. Pacific Ocean
c. Nile River
d. Andes Mountains
e. Mount Kilimanjaro

10. What empire ruled the region prior to the Songhai Empire?
a. Egyptian Empire
b. Empire of Mali
c. Spanish Empire
d. Chinese Empire
e. Islamic Empire

About this quiz: All the questions on this quiz are based on information that can be found on the Ancient Africa - Songhai Empire page at /history/africa/songhai_empire.php.

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