Ancient Africa - Kingdom of Kush

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Ancient Africa - Kingdom of Kush.

1. What other name is sometimes used to describe the Kingdom of Kush?
a. Egypt
b. Mali
c. Songhai
d. Nubia
e. Ghana

2. The Kingdom of Kush was located just south of what major civilization?
a. Rome
b. Egypt
c. Greece
d. Persia
e. Inca

3. What two resources helped the Kingdom of Kush to become wealthy and powerful?
a. Fish and Cotton
b. Silver and Diamonds
c. Iron and Gold
d. Wheat and Guns
e. Bronze and Ivory

4. The fighters of Kush were famous for using what type of weapon?
a. Sword
b. Spear
c. Axe
d. Mace
e. Bow and arrow

5. True or False: The Kingdom of Kush built pyramids at burial sites.

6. What was the most important social class in Kush after the rulers?
a. Farmers
b. Fisherman
c. Priests
d. Hunters
e. Soldiers

7. What major river flowed through much of Kush?
a. Mississippi River
b. Amazon River
c. Niger River
d. Nile River
e. Tigris River

8. What was the first capital city of the Kingdom of Kush?
a. Gao
b. Napata
c. Mogadishu
d. Addis Ababa
e. Tripoli

9. Why was iron important to the people of Kush?
a. The people worshiped iron as a god
b. Iron was used to make jewelry for the wealthy
c. It was used to make strong tools and weapons
d. All of the above
e. None of the above

10. True or False: Women were strictly forbidden to be leaders or involved in government affairs.

About this quiz: All the questions on this quiz are based on information that can be found on the Ancient Africa - Kingdom of Kush page at /history/africa/kingdom_of_kush.php.

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