Ancient Africa - Kingdom of Aksum

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Ancient Africa - Kingdom of Aksum.

1. What is another common name for the Kingdom of Aksum?
a. Mali
b. Axum
c. Egypt
d. Kush
e. Songhai

2. What major body of water was located along the coast of Aksum?
a. Atlantic Ocean
b. Baltic Sea
c. Mediterranean Sea
d. Gulf of Mexico
e. Red Sea

3. What leader ruled Aksum when it reached its peak around 350 CE?
a. King Ezana
b. King Solomon
c. Queen of Sheba
d. Cleopatra VII
e. Shaka Zulu

4. True or False: Because traders visited Aksum from around the world, Aksum became a blend of many cultures.

5. What was the major port city of the Kingdom of Aksum?
a. Carthage
b. Adulis
c. Tripoli
d. Alexandria
e. Morocco

6. What type of structure was Aksum famous for constructing?
a. Pyramid
b. Ziggurat
c. Sphinx
d. Tall towers called stelae
e. All of the above

7. What made Aksum one of the more advanced cultures of Ancient Africa?
a. They developed their own written language
b. They used irrigation and terraced farming
c. They minted their own coins
d. All of the above
e. None of the above

8. What religion was embraced by King Ezana?
a. Judaism
b. Islam
c. Christianity
d. Taoism
e. Hinduism

9. What language became the common language used among the many traders of Aksum?
a. Latin
b. Arabic
c. English
d. Greek
e. Egyptian

10. Which of the following modern day countries was part of the Kingdom of Aksum?
a. South Africa
b. Eritrea
c. Mali
d. Italy
e. Nigeria

About this quiz: All the questions on this quiz are based on information that can be found on the Ancient Africa - Kingdom of Aksum page at /history/africa/kingdom_of_aksum_axum.php.

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