Ancient Africa - Empire of Mali

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Ancient Africa - Empire of Mali.

1. Where was the Empire of Mali located?
a. Southern Africa
b. Eastern Europe
c. Western Africa
d. South America
e. Middle East

2. What ruler united the local tribes and formed the Empire of Mali?
a. Mansa Musa
b. Sundiata Keita
c. Shaka Zulu
d. Hannibal
e. Dinga Cisse

3. What was the title of the ruler of the Empire of Mali?
a. King
b. Caliph
c. President
d. Ghana
e. Mansa

4. What religion played an important role in the Mali government?
a. Islam
b. Judaism
c. Buddhism
d. Christianity
e. Taoism

5. What city of Mali was considered a center of learning and education?
a. Tripoli
b. Gao
c. Accra
d. Timbuktu
e. Luanda

6. What group of workers were highly respected because they provided food?
a. Hunters
b. Farmers
c. Soldiers
d. Fishermen
e. Artisans

7. What ruler of Mali is famous for his lavish trip to Mecca?
a. Shaka Zulu
b. Ramses II
c. Mansa Musa
d. Hannibal
e. Sundiata

8. What rival empire came to power near the end of the Empire of Mali?
a. Egyptian Empire
b. Chinese Empire
c. Islamic Empire
d. Songhai Empire
e. Empire of Ghana

9. What was the capital city of the Empire of Mali?
a. Alexandria
b. Koumbi Saleh
c. Mogadishu
d. Addis Ababa
e. Niani

10. What resource did Mansa Musa bring back to Mali after his trip to Mecca?
a. Scholars
b. Gold
c. Salt
d. Iron
e. Silk

About this quiz: All the questions on this quiz are based on information that can be found on the Ancient Africa - Empire of Mali page at /history/africa/empire_of_ancient_mali.php.

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