Ancient Africa - Carthage

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Ancient Africa - Carthage.

1. Carthage was a port city on what major body of water?
a. Pacific Ocean
b. Indian Ocean
c. Red Sea
d. Mediterranean Sea
e. Gulf of Aden

2. What empire did Carthage battle in the Sicilian Wars?
a. Rome
b. Greece
c. Phoenicia
d. Egypt
e. Persia

3. What Carthage leader invaded Rome in the Second Punic War?
a. Cleopatra VII
b. Sundiata Keita
c. Hannibal
d. Shaka Zulu
e. Ramses II

4. Who won the First Punic War?
a. Rome
b. Carthage
c. Greece
d. Phoenicia
e. Egypt

5. What capital city of Tunisia is located near the ruins of Carthage?
a. Alexandria
b. Tunis
c. Tripoli
d. Morocco
e. Cairo

6. What kind of government did Carthage have starting around the 4th century BC?
a. Monarchy
b. Democracy
c. Dictatorship
d. Republic
e. None of the above

7. True or False: At its peak, Carthage was one of the most powerful cities in the Mediterranean.

8. Who were the Suffetes of Ancient Carthage?
a. The two main elected leaders of the Carthage government
b. The names of the Carthage allies in Africa
c. The ships of war used by the Carthage navy
d. Slaves that built the great buildings of Carthage
e. Elite soldiers in the Carthage army

9. Who rebuilt Carthage and made it part of the Roman Empire?
a. Augustus
b. Julius Caesar
c. Marc Antony
d. Emperor Nero
e. Cicero

10. What name was given to the wars that were fought between Rome and Carthage?
a. Cartho-Roman Wars
b. Carthagian Wars
c. Mediterranean Wars
d. War of the Empires
e. Punic Wars

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