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Women Leaders

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  1. Danica Patrick drives these
  2. Harriet ____ was an escaped slave who helped other slaves escape through the Underground Railroad
  3. Clara Barton founded this organization in 1881
  4. Joan of Arc lead this country to battle against the British during the Hundred Years War
  5. Mother ____ spent her life helping the needy and sick in India
  6. She didn't give her seat up on the bus in Alabama in order to fight segregation
  7. She wrote about hiding from the Nazi's during World War II
  8. Queen of England during the Elizabethan Era
  9. Famous princess of Wales who died a tragic death in 1997
  10. The Williams Sisters are two of the best athletes in this sport
  11. Astronaut Sally ____ was the first American woman in space
  12. Famous aviator Amelia ___ flew solo across the Atlantic Ocean


  1. This famous entrepreneur and talk show host is worth around $3 billion
  2. Marie ____ was a famous physicist who discovered the element radium
  3. Susan B. ____ helped fight for women's right to vote
  4. She was the last of the pharaohs of Egypt
  5. This Native American guided Lewis and Clark on their exploration of the west
  6. First Lady to President Franklin Roosevelt she helped fight for human rights around the world
  7. She ruled England longer than any other English monarch
  8. First woman prime minister of the United Kingdom
  9. Born blind and deaf she learned to communicate and fight for the rights of the disabled
  10. Not a King
  11. Martha ____ created a large company around her cooking and home decorating books and shows
  12. Harriet Beecher ____ wrote Uncle Tom's Cabin

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